Going to my first Convention!!!!

DitterconitineraryI just made reservations to attend my first writers conference, The Dittercon in New Orleans next month! WHOO HOO!

I decided last week that I needed to get out there and start attending these things, but before I man a table, I should at least know what the hell goes on, right? So I need to attend one as just a fan instead of a featured author. Problem is, most of the conventions I’d be interested in are already over for this year and I don’t want to wait until the middle of next year! Enter the Dittercon! It was short notice, so of course flying is out of the question! There’s no way I’m paying $400 one way! Road tripping it is! My mom/Business Manger/Publicist/anything else you can think of, will be going with me. We’re going to complete the 857 mile trek from So Flo to New Orleans in 1 day!

Now, I just need to work on my social skills of NOT being afraid to approach people, of NOT being shy! I need to put myself out there and make some contacts! Wish me luck!


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