My first post! Yay!

Actually, this isn’t my firstpost, but it’s my first post using my maiden name of Sherwood. I had given this blog thing a try 2 years ago when I was dealing with up routing my life in Baltimore to resettle in South Florida. I only had a few posts and then I gave it up. I HATE to talk about myself and no one seemed interested anyway (except my best friend Mary, bless her heart) so I figured why bother? But now that I’m a published author, this seems to be a necessary evil in promoting my books, so I’m giving it another try! Bear with me!

A little bit about myself. I’m 38, married with 1 son. I have been writing since age 11, but since I’m painfully shy and insecure, of course I was terrified to let anyone other than my mom or Mary read my stuff! I know I’m a good writer, but dealing with all the judgement? Terrifying!

Finally, after many stressful years of slaving away at jobs that didn’t appreciate my total devotion, God gave me my out- my husband was offered a HUGE promotion, but the catch was we had to move 1100 miles from our current home. I am an only child people! I am a mama and daddy’s girl! How could I leave my parents behind and forge into the unknown with just my husband and son? But then, how could I not? I hatedjob with a passion and moving would force me to finally quit, a move I’d been wanting to do for about a year. So I put my faith in God (and in my husband that he could support us and not screw up and lose his job) and I said ok! So, November 8, 2012 we pulled away from all I new and my life truly began!

It didn’t take Mom and Dad long to follow suit which finally made my new life perfect! I can honestly say I did not make a mistake in moving to Paradise! Of course there are things I miss, but they are just things. I can get other things! But I know without moving to South Florida, I never would have had the guts to finally publish my first novel. But, that story will have to wait for post #2. For now, I bid you gorgeous peeps a good night!


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